Lynxecho of StormClan

Fri Sep 22, 2017 5:01 pm by AgenderSickofShit

Name: Lynxecho
Age/Gender: 27 moon agender cat
Rank/Status: Deputy
Sexuality: Pansexual
Physical Features: Bengal cat with lynx markings and deep green eyes
Personality: A bit shy once you first meet them, but overall they're a nice cat. They don't like it when cats tell them that they are 'weird' for not being girl or boy.
Skills From Best to Worst: Climbing, Hunting, Fighting, Swimming, …

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Ferngaze of Stomclan

Fri Sep 22, 2017 12:35 pm by Kittenlover

Name: Ferngaze.
Age/Gender: 19 moons, female
Rank/Status: Medicine cat.
Sexuality: She's a med cat sooo... o-o
Physical Features: Silver tabby with a green eye and a deep blue eye, is fluffy.
Personality: Calm and great at remembering herbs, loving and kind, great at calming and amusing kits and elders, whenever someone tells her she's weak and unhelpful she can put up quite an agruement, blind.

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Aspenstar of Stormclan

Fri Sep 22, 2017 12:18 pm by Fanofgaycats

Name: Aspenstar
Age/Gender: 40 moon old tom
Rank/Status: Leader
Sexuality: straight
Physical Features: White with black tabby stripes. Broad-shouldered, strong. Has short hair, with a few scars. Amber eyes.
Personality: A strong-willed, determined leader. He always wants to do the best for his clan, and feels personally responsible if they're going through a rough time.
Skills …

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Cat Character Form

Fri Sep 22, 2017 9:37 am by Fanofgaycats

Physical Features:
Skills From Best to Worst:

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Icepond of FrostClan

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Icepond of FrostClan Empty Icepond of FrostClan

Post by AgenderSickofShit on Sat Nov 18, 2017 2:01 pm

Name: Icepond
Age/Gender: 30 moon old she-cat
Sexuality: straight
Appearance: white she-cat with silver socks and tail tip and stormy grey eyes
Personality: Snappy with everyone but her family and friends, but when she needs to would protect her Clan with her life. She has a soft side but barely shows it. Overprotective of her kits.
Likes: family, friends, kits, nice smells
Dislikes: annoying cats, elders, the scent of mouse-bile

Mother: Stormysky (dead)
Father: Cloudsplash (dead)
Mate: Snowstorm (alive)
Kits: Lakekit (alive), Owlkit (alive), Pebblekit (alive), Stagkit (alive), Palekit (alive)

Icekit was feisty and almost never happy, she always snapped at everyone and was generally a rude kit. As an apprentice, her mentor got so sick of her that she went without training for quite a while, and as a result became a warrior late. Snowstorm seemed to be the only cat that could calm her down when she was angry, and soon the whole Clan decided to tell them they should be mates. Icepond and Snowstorm became mates soon after, and two seasons later Icepond had five kits, Lakekit, Owlkit, Pebblekit, Stagkit and Palekit. At three moons old now, the five kits get under everyone's paws, but they all have Snowstorm's calmer personality than Icepond's, which she's fine with.

(Spoilers for her kits' warrior names ahead!)


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